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About Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lighthouse Ministries has been in operation in the beautiful little town​ of Seneca, Missouri for over 20 years. Since our ministry opened it’s doors in 1996, we’ve put a HUGE emphasis on educating the future generation with a Christian priority. Lighthouse Christian Academy was a must from day one of Lighthouse Ministries endeavors. LCA gives our students a high quality of structured education, with a superior computer-based curriculum, and supplies all the help a student will need. We also offer a variety of on-campus programs such as basketball, volleyball, choir, sign language, music, and more. Everything we offer at our school helps to promote good Christian morals. 

If you teach a child how to live, he will know how to make a living.

Lighthouse Christian Academy

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Office Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4 PM