LC2 – Operation Christmas Child

Our Class is supporting the Operation Christmas Child Ministry this year! Sending Shoe-boxes filled with gifts, and goodies. We’re getting our kids involved in ministering to the hearts and lives of other children, helping to make a difference. If you would like more info please go to:

We’re going to be packing shoe-boxes for a girl and boy (10-14 years old)

This year our girls will be making 1 box and the boys will be making 1 box. The students will each get a list in which each will choose 2 items for the box plus they will need to bring $1.00 each to help ship off the shoe-box to a child in need.

We have asked each child to work/earn their dollar themselves.

Please have supplies and money here by October 19th, we will be packing the shoe-boxes as a class art project on October 23rd.